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Clif Bloks ReviewNEW: Clif Shot Bloks Energy Chews!

We’ve all heard of Clif Bar and their energy bars.  But lately they’ve been putting out some surprising products, including the one we’re looking at today, the Clif Bloks Energy Chew.  It provides endurance athletes a quick, easy way to get a boost in calories and energy even while performing.  It uses 95% organic ingredients, and gives a nice mix of juice concentrates and green tea extract.  This mix makes it ideal for endurance athletes, or for athletes looking for a quick boost at the half.  Interested in learning more?  We’ll cover ingredients, effects, and more, below.  But if you’re in a hurry, give the image above a click for the best price for Clif Bloks!

We’ve all been there during a hard workout.  The crash.  The body gets sluggish, the brain gets mushy, and performing at your peak becomes next to impossible.  For many of us, this comes from a crash in blood sugar and electrolytes.  That crash is preventable, given the right amount of electrolytes and sugar.  But if you get too much, you get even MORE sluggish.  What we really like about Clif Bloks is that it provides an easy to monitor amount of calories, so you can deliver the optimum amount of both calories, electrolytes and caffeine to your body at your most critical moments.  Check out some reviews and prices by clicking the link below!

How Do Clif Bloks Work?

Few people consider this, but when they’re working out hard and performing at a high level, their bodies burn through their standing glucose supply while sweating out critical carbohydrates.  According to Cliff Bloks, athletes can need as many as 400 calories per hour while competing, or working out.  That’s where Clif Bloks comes in.  With an easy to monitor calorie allotment (100 calories/three pieces) you get a great energy source that can be fitted to your body’s personal demands.  We’ve seen them used in all kinds of endurance, or high performance sports; from Basketball to Triathlons.

Clif Bloks Reviews

We’ve seen an absolute TON of great reviews for Clif Bloks, including 631 of them on Amazon.  They’ve received an average of 4.5/5 stars there, with 81% of buyers giving 5 Stars.  That’s as big of a percentage we’ve seen, and it makes for a pretty compelling case for the product.  The pros we saw most often reported were; easy to use, good taste, and high energy.  We tend to agree, and would add that the price is pretty nice, too.

Clif Bloks Benefits:

  • Easy To Use
  • Energy On The Go
  • Great For Races
  • Great For The Half
  • Trusted Company Name! 

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Clif Bloks Reviews