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GNC Vitapak program is a new approach to multivitamins that focuses on the needs of people looking to burn more calories, and get added performance during workouts!  That starts with 4 grams of the CLA, or conjugated lineolic acid.  This new performance enhancing ingredient helps users to burn up to 12x more calories, and helps to regulate water levels in the body while increasing both energy and metabolism.  This is absolutely HUGE for people looking for a bit of edge at the gym, or even for those working up the courage to get in there and start working hard!  If you’re ready to get started on transforming your performance, click the image to buy GNC Vitapak today!

GNC Vitapak is something that we don’t see much of here at Muscle Building Review.  We ultimately focus on things that help people build muscle!  But once in a while we’ll cover something that helps people get a little bit of edge.  We’re talking getting rid of those soft round edges and letting those muscles see some daylight.  We think that the GNC Vitapak is good for that purpose, and we’ve even seen people getting performance boosts from it as well.  To learn more about GNC Men’s Ripped Vitapak Program, click the link below!

How Does GNC Vitapak Work? 

GNC Vitapak is a new way to help you put on, and keep, muscle while encouraging fat and calorie burning..  It combines a high quality multivitamin with ingredients that are designed to help you burn up to twelve times the calories, while regulating excess water and increasing metabolism.  It uses 4000mg of CLA, or conjugated lineolic acid to help maintain great, lean muscles, while supporting overall body composition. Add to this the thermo ignited blend, and you get up to 12 times more calorie burning and a higher metabolic rate.

GNC VitaPak ReviewsGNC Vitapak Effects

The GNC Men’s Ripped Vitapak Program is designed to supplement the boy with vitamins, minerals, and ingredients designed to fill holes found in athletically inclined men.  Additionally, it works to support a lean physique, including lean muscle.  4000mg of Conjugated Lineolic Acid, or CLA, help to give the body a solid head start in maintaining lean muscle mass and a solid ratio of fat to muscle for a great body comp.  Add to that the trademarked “Waterex” formula, and you get a solid, herbal form of water regulation that helps the body to regulate excess water! 

GNC Vitapak Benefits:

  • Great Vitamin For Athletes
  • Support Lean Muscle Formation
  • Remove Excess Water With Waterex!
  • Burn More Calories
  • Increase Resting Metabolism!

Get The GNC Vitapak Amazon Price!

Ready to check out prices for GNC Vitapak on Amazon?  We’ve linked to the lowest available price on amazon with the banner below.  Don’t forget, this is only one entry in the Vitapak Program, so if you feel like one of their other entries is a better fit, go for it!  They also have a full line of women’s vitapak supplements, so make sure to check those out as well, especially if you have a workout buddy!  

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