Muscle Building Back Exercises

Back ExercisesBuild Up Your Posterior!

There is generally a workout for every muscle in our bodies and our backs are made up of a lot of those muscles. This article will show you some great ways to build your muscles with these back exercises! Our posterior muscles are some of the strongest muscles in our bodies and they put in a lot of effort when we do daily tasks! These muscles help to move our arms in several different directions and even to do some extensive lifting! Without these muscles, we wouldn’t be able to do a whole lot.

The back is divided into two different types of groups; the extrinsic and intrinsic muscles. The extrinsic muscles are associated with upper extremity and shoulder movement, where as the intrinsic muscles deal with movements of the vertebral column. There are also three different layers that make up these muscles as well; the superficial layer, the intermediate layer and the deep layer. By using these back exercises that you can find on this page, you can equally keep your back stronger without ever missing a muscle! Keep reading on to find out more about these exercises!

What Are Some Back Exercises?

Provided to you are some of the best back exercises you can do to keep the muscles in your posterior strong and lean. Many of these exercises can be done at home or at the gym, depending on where you like to workout. These exercises also work more than just one muscle group which is important for building a strong muscle build in your back. Here are the best exercises you can do to improve your back muscles.

  1. Pulls Ups/Chin ups
    • It is said that these are some of the best mass builders for your back. They target your lats, shoulders, biceps and grip, and these exercises can be done in variety of ways. Try changing your grip as to where you place your hands on the bar, or try uses other methods of gripping the bar; such as using a towel, 2 fingers or three fingers. Change the movement of your body as well. There are several different varieties to doing these pull up/chip up exercises.
  2. Deadlifts
    • It doesn’t matter which kind of deadlift just as long as you do them. That back work to lock out the weight to finish the movement. Deadlifts are by definition an exercise where you can move big weight. Which up the way you implement the lift from your stance, range of motion and overload.
  3. Seated Rows/Bent Over Rows
    • The biggest flaw that people tend to make when doing this exercise it being too upright. Most guys use this exercise with too much weight and either throw it up, don’t arch their back or have too limited range of motion from being too upright. Its best to try and keep your torso as close to parallel to the ground as possible while keeping your back in neutral.
  4. Back Extrensions
    • Stay neutral and don’t hyperextend or hyperflex your lower back. Head should also be in neutral with the back. Its possible to overload this movement with a variety of implements.
  5. Face Pulls/External Rotations/Band Pull Aparts/Foam Rolling
    • Focus on the little muscles that balance and stabilize the joint and are responsible for the health of the shoulder and you’ll be good to go. Face pulls and band pulls aparts target the upper and lower traps, rhomboids, posterior delts an teres major.