Arginine Benefits

L Arginine BenefitsDiscover The Power Of L-Arginine!

Arginine has a whole host of benefits, and we’ve seen it a ton of times in the supplements we’ve covered here at Muscle Building Review, but we’ve never really taken the type to dive into what makes it so effective.  Today we’ll look at why Arginine is so prevalent in the gym, and give you our list of the best arginine supplements.  Which one gets the highest marks?  Our favorite comes from Biogreen Labs, and it provides not only two different types of Arginine, but also two forms of citrulline and even a new ingredient we haven’t covered yet.  We’ll cover all the Arginine Benefits below.  If you’re ready to check out our favorite, click “shop now” on the image above to compare prices and order.  We’ve went ahead and linked the #1 Best Seller, with the highest amount of good reviews, so make sure to check it out!

So what makes Arginine so special?  Arginine Benefits us is a ton of ways, but specifically, it helps to strengthen the immune system, while helping with heart health.  It’s also EXTREMELY important for protein synthesis, which makes it ideal for people looking to put on some muscle.  It’s also the chemical that signals the body to produce Nitric Oxide, which then controls how vascular you get.  So by taking a solid Arginine supplement, you can get much better results from your workouts, while supporting your overall health!  Click the link below to check out our favorite Arginine Supplement!

Arginine Benefits: How Does Arginine Work?

Before we get too far into the Arginine Benefits, first we want to talk a little bit about what arginine actually is.  Arginine is generally synthesized from Citrulline in the body, but we also consume it in dairy and meat products, as well as in some select plants and nuts.  It’s classified as either an essential or semi-essential amino acid depending on how old you are, but it’s always important for a variety of bodily functions.  Those functions can include, nitric oxide synthesis, reduced healing time, faster repair cycles for tissue, and decreased blood pressure.  It’s also crucial in the production of protein (MUSCLE) and for heart health.

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One of the more interesting effects of Arginine, however, is with its role in growth hormone secretion.  When it’s used orally or intravenously its shown the ability to dramatically increase growth hormone levels.  Growth Hormone is a really important hormone for those of us who like to work out, because it directly controls how much our muscles can grow.  So what are you waiting for?  Start shopping for your bottle of Arginine today!

Arginine Benefits

  • Increase HGH Levels
  • Faster Muscle Recovery
  • Produce More Nitric Oxide
  • Great For Heart Health
  • Helps Build Muscle!

Arginine Benefits: How To Use Arginine

Arginine can be used both orally and intravenously.  But since you’re not likely to be giving yourself injections of the stuff, we recommend the pill form.  Our favorite one that we’ve tried is from Biogreen Labs, it has both L-Arginine in two forms, and L-Citrulline for the best efficacy of any supplement we’ve tried.  

Arginine Benefits:  How To Order

When you’re ready to order your bottle of Arginine, click the “shop now” button on the banner below.  From there you can read reviews, plus check out pricing and shipping options.  Make sure to bookmark our page for future orders!  Thanks for reading our review!  We hope you get the same great effects we’ve been getting from this industry leading supplement!

What Is Arginine Benefits