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Iron MassAll-In-One Weight Gainer!

Iron Mass is a high performance mass building fuel to help you increase your muscle gains! Are you looking for a fast and effective way to build strong lean muscle? Do you need a supplement that will also give you energy for your workouts as well? This supplement uses a complex blend of ingredients to help you build stronger and leaner muscle. It will also provide you with the necessary energy that is required to help you reach your fitness physique. The amazing part about this dietary supplement is that it features muscle plasma protein technology to ensure the best results!

As we get older, we tend to see a decline in the production of testosterone in our bodies. Big side effect of this is not being able to put on any weight, whether that be muscle or fat. This then tends to affect the rest of your body and the way you feel about yourself! However, there is a chance to turn prevent this or turn it around by using Iron Mass! This muscle building supplement will work effectively and safely to help you build your muscles and boost your confidence levels! Get to know more about this supplement or even order your own supply by clicking the link below now!

What Is Iron Mass?

As it was already stated, this muscle building supplement uses a complex blend of ingredients that will help to ultimately build your muscles and have you feeling more like a man! Iron Mass contains is a mix of five different blends: Elite Complex Carbohydrates Matrix, High Performance Healthy Fats Matrix, Performance Growth & Muscle Volumizer and Pro-Digest Blend. Below of is a list of ingredients found in each matrix or blend.

Elite Complex Carbohydrates Matrix

  • Sweet Potato Powder – This offers a low-glycemic carbohydrate source that is rich and nutritious. It contains a blend of carbs, vitamins, and minerals for long lasting energy and replenishment.
  • Barley Starch – This is said to lower cholesterol and blood pressure in people with high cholesterol. It is also said to reduce blood sugar and insulin levels.

Muscle Plasma Protein Matrix

  • Hydrolyzed Beef Protein – This carries a high amino acid profile, as well as a blend of nutrients found in beef. This include creatine, carnosine, beta-alanine, and more.
  • Lactoferrin – This helps regulate the absorption of iron in the intestine and delivery of iron to the cells. It is also involved with regulation of bone marrow function, and it seems to be able to boost the body’s defense system.

High Performance Healthy Fats Martix

  • Sunflower Oil – This is often used as a source of unsaturated fat in the diet to replace saturated fats.
  • Whipped Cream Powder – For flavor.
  • MCT Powder – This is a man made fat and refers to the way the carbon atoms are arranged in their chemical structure. They are sometimes used as a source of fat in total parenteral nutrition.

Performance Growth & Muscle Volumizer

  • Creatine – This is often involved in making the energy muscles need to work. Such as improving athletic performance, and other conditions concerning muscles.
  • L-Glycine – The body uses this ingredient to make protein. It is involved in the transmission of chemical signals in the brain.
  • BCAA – Or branched-chain amino acids help to stimulate the building of protein in muscle and possibly reduce muscle breakdown.

Pro-Digest Blend

  • Protease – This contains enzymes that help break down proteins.
  • Lactase – This is an enzyme that splits the milk sugar lactose, to produce the sugars glucose and galactose.
  • Lipase – Works to break down fats into smaller pieces, making digestion easier.

Muscle Building SupplementHow Does Iron Mass Work?

This muscle building supplement offers a revolutionary 5-stage mass delivery system. The first step is the elite complex carbohydrate matrix to give you quicker recovery and muscle building, giving muscles a skin splitting look. Secondly, the muscle plasma protein technology delivers 40g of a potent blend of hydrolyzed beef protein and lactoferrin protein. Next the high performance healthy fast deliver the blend of healthy fats, MCT’s and saturated fats which are essential hormone production. Next the performance growth and muscle volumizer provides creatine and BCAA nitrates that help to promote muscular strength, size and endurance. Lastly, the pro-digest blend is a special dietary blend, aids with digestion of added protein, carbs and fat you need to build muscle.

Benefits Of Using Iron Mass:

  • Supports Hard Muscle Gains!
  • Dense Muscle Mass & Strength!
  • Complex Blend Of Ingredients!
  • Contains A Healthy Blend Of Fats!
  • Triggers Extreme Energy Levels!

Are You Ready To Build Muscle With Iron Mass?

If you in the market to a revolutionary new way to help build your muscle, then this is the product for you! You’ll experience some impressive results that will ultimately boost your confidence and have you feeling like a man again! If interested in ordering your own product or learning more click the link below now!


Iron Mass

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