Is There An Upside To Low Testosterone?

Upside To Low TestosteroneCould You Benefit From This Deficiency?

Often times when we think of low testosterone levels we often associate it with how it negatively effects our bodies. However, there could be an upside to low testosterone levels that many don’t know about. Although, the cons probably outweigh the pros in this situation it’s always a good idea to cover all grounds. In this article, you’ll learn how low testosterone is caused, and besides talking about the negative effects, we’ll discuss the positive effects that you can get from having low testosterone levels!

Having low levels of testosterone affects 4 to 5 million men in the US. This is an important hormone in the human body, that decreases each year after the age of 30. Between 19 and 39 percent of older men may have low levels of testosterone. Causes may include autoimmune diseases, chronic liver or kidney diseases, genetic causes, infections, metabolic disorders, obesity and so much more. However, as the whole point of this article is that there is an upside to low testosterone levels. You probably wouldn’t think that any good could come from this sort of condition. Keep reading on to find out the benefit of having this condition!

What Is The Upside To Low Testosterone?

Now you’re probably extremely curious as to what this one benefit may be! Because testosterone is known as a masculine hormone, it is often associated with turning the features in men more masculine. Such as increasing their sex drive, or muscle mass. However, the upside to low testosterone in men is that it helps them to be more nurturing especially when raising children with a significant other. This idea was the cause for a new study done by the University of Notre Dame where they wanted to find out if testosterone varies when guys have other types of support relationships, outside of the ones hes with his wife and kids.

They found that when older men have emotionally supportive relationship with their siblings, friends, neighbors, and coworkers, they have lower testosterone levels. They also mentioned that there are benefits to that outside the sheer fact that you’ll have more friends and those will like you more.

It is important to know that as you do get older, your testosterone levels naturally decrease and although you’re experiencing some not so masculine side effects you will get a boost in your social life. And if that does not seem all that exciting for you, make sure to keep exercising, which is a sure way to keep levels in check and consider talking to your doctor about new testosterone replacement methods that won’t mess with your fertility.