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Progenex RecoveryNEW: Progenex Workout Recovery Blend

If you’re like us, you want products that act fast, and deliver on their promises.  That can be pretty hard to find in today’s marketplace, with products that make outrageous claims, only to fall flat.  Progenex Recovery breaks that trend, giving users a blend of fast acting ingredients that help your body to recover not only faster, but stronger than ever.  It uses a new, proprietary process that breaks down protein into immediately usable peptide sequences.  This equates to fast absorption, and better overall results than a standard protein.  If you’re ready to learn more about Progenex, click the image above!  

There are three main things we like about Progenex Recovery.  First off, it focuses it’s formula based on how your body responds to exercise.  Their whole idea is that the body needs these proteins immediately, in what they call the “peak anabolic window”.  Second, we like how fast acting the results are.  Using Progenex Recovery, you’re getting results almost instantly.  Third, you only need one serving.  Unlike other powders that require 2 servings to get the desired effects, Progenex only needs the one.  This is really a top of the line recovery protein, and one that we recommend to people looking for a rapid recovery option.  If you’re interested in seeing some pricing and shipping options, click the link below!

How Does Progenex Recovery Work?

When you workout, your muscles are doing much more than just increasing in size.  They’re fluctuating between different stages of growth, recovery, repair, and even decreasing in size should your body call for it.  Understanding the ebb and flow of muscle development, and understanding when to best utilize dietary supplements is just as important as what supplement you’re using.  Progenex Recovery understands this.  They also understand that giving your muscles recovery nutrients outside of the critical period results in less than adequate results.  Their fast absorbing formula works to give your muscles those nutrients during this critical period, for much better results as compared to standard whey protein isolates.

Progenex Recovery Reviews

The reviews for Progenex Recovery have been flawless, with a 5/5 star rating on amazon with 67 total reviews.  This points to an enormous amount of satisfaction with the product.  What the people are saying in the reviews, however, is more than just general satisfaction.  People routinely point to fast muscle recovery, great taste, and good overall muscle performance after use.  The most common gripe we’ve heard is that it’s a bit expensive.  While that’s true, we’re willing to pay a premium for such an effective recovery measure.

Progenex Recovery Benefits:

  • Superior Muscle Recovery
  • Great Tasting Formula
  • Helps Build Muscle
  • Top Rated Recovery Protein
  • Trusted Supplement Company

Shop The Progenex Recovery Amazon Store!

This protein powder can be a bit expensive, so we know how important it is to get the cheapest price available.  We’ve but in the legwork and found the best price for Progenex Recovery on amazon.  If you want to save $5, go with the mocha flavor.  While a little less tasty than the standard, it still gets the job done.  Hope you enjoyed our review of Progenex Recovery.  If you found it interesting or helpful, give us a like, share, or favorite, and remember to bookmark Muscle Building Review for everything new in muscle!

Progenex Recovery Review