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MuscleTech Clear MuscleThe CLEAR Favorite In Muscle Building!

We see a lot of muscle supplements come and go here at Muscle Building Review, and few have the staying power that MuscleTech Clear Muscle has.  It probably has something to do with the awards it’s won or maybe the results it’s getting, but it’s clearly a great supplement, and one we’re excited to review.  Clear Muscle is unlike any other supplement we’ve covered in that it contains MuscleTech’s patented BetaTOR, and has been clinically studies for it’s effects.  It’s touted as the most advanced muscle and strength builder on the market, and it’s been recognized by the Sport and Energy Finished Product association for it’s merits.  If you’re ready to check it out, click the image above to see some prices!

Like we said above, a ton of people are seeing benefits from MuscleTech Clear Muscle.  But it’s not like you can take a pill and you’re magically fit, you have to work for it.  In the 12 week workout protocol offered by MuscleTech Clear Muscle, you can put on a ton of muscle.  Hell, even the placebo group put on 5 lbs of muscle!  So if you’re looking for a way to put on some serious muscle, then you really need to get your hands on a bottle of clear muscle, it’s really the clear choice.  Click the link below to check out some reviews, and see pricing and shipping information!


How Does MuscleTech Clear Muscle Work?

MuscleTech Clear Muscle has been clinically studied for it’s effects, and since it’s a publicly available supplement, we’re able to take a close look at their label.  Their far and away most prominant ingredient is BetaTOR, which is trademarked by MuscleTech.  So what is BetaTOR?  It’s a new derivative form of HMB and Leucine Metabolite.  If you’re not aware, HMB is a metabolite that is synthesized in the human body.  It’s associated with increased Sarcolemmal integrity, enhanced protein synthesis (huge for muscle building) and a decrease in protein degradation (which is a great all around benefit).  There is no level of recored toxicity either, which means that MuscleTech is able to give you a huge dose of the stuff for a crazy amount of gains.

MuscleTech Clear Muscle Review

So what can you expect from MuscleTech Clear Muscle?  Their study indicated a huge bump in overall strength/ muscle weight gain for people engaging in a solid diet, exercise and Clear Muscle regime.  It effects both muscle growth and muscle breakdown.  In a study they published, it helped increase muscle protein synthesis by 70% and decreases the breakdown of protein by 58%.  This of course leads to more powerful gains and a better ability to get back in the gym and work.  It’s thought to work by altering a pathway known as the mTOR pathway, which is basically the muscle building activation system of the body.  Honestly, we really don’t care how it works, we just know that it does.

MuscleTech Clear Muscle Benefits

  • Cutting Edge Ingredient
  • Features betaTOR
  • Enhance Muscle Growth
  • Decrease Protein Breakdown
  • Reach Your MAX! 

How To Use MuscleTech Clear Muscle

While the bottle can tell you everything you need to know about taking this one, we wanted to add what we found most successful.  We found that by using this supplement, and combining it with an aggressive workout and diet cycle, we got the best results.  Ultimately how much you workout is all on you, so make sure you’re ready to work hard.  The pay off is definitely worth it.

How To Order MuscleTech Clear Muscle

The easiest, and cheapest, way we’ve found to order Clear Muscle has been on Amazon.  They have by far the cheapest prices, plus, you can take advantage of their various buyer protections and amazon prime.  We’ve went ahead and linked to the best available price below, but feel free to check our math!  Click below to compare prices and check shipping options.  Thanks for reading, and good luck on your muscle building journey- MBR

MuscleTech Clear Muscle Reviews


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