Weight Training Accessories

weight training accessoriesFind Out What Improves Your Workouts!

So you want to beginning weight training and achieving a chiseled physique? That’s great! But did you know that there is more to just lifting the weights? There are thousands of weight training accessories out there that people use everyday to help them achieve their fitness goals. These accessories not only help you reach these goals, but will also help you to avoid injury in all possible ways. This post will give you the low down on glove, straps, bands, wraps, belts and so much more! Keep on reading to find out the latest in these lifting accessories!

Each and everyday we look to improve ourselves and apart of that is finding new ways to do things or find new things to help us make these improvements. We have evolution to thank for turning us into the human beings be are today. Although we have not reached the pinnacle of weight lifting, we can definitely find new and improved ways to get us to those fitness goals of ours. You can do this by discovering weight training accessories that will get us to the physical appearance we’ve been wanting to reach!

What Are Some Weight Training Accessories?

Below are a list of weight training accessories that will improve your workouts and have you reaching your fitness goals when needed! Now I would like to make note that there are certain exceptions to specific accessories that may affect the way you train.

  • Ab Straps. This is a portable piece of equipment used to work the abdominal area. It usually consists of two separate straps that hang from a bar. The advantages for this is that they are good for gyms that don’t have an abdominal station. It’s also good for those whose back may hurt during crunches or leg raises.
  • Chalk. This is typically used for those lifters who need extra grip support. These lifters often consist of powerlifters because of the high amount of weight that is being lifted. This chalk provides a rough surface on your hand, decreasing the slipperiness that sweat brings. Advantages are that it is great for lifting high weights, decreases the change the bar will slip out of your grasp and could prevent injuries.
  • Lifting Belt. The purpose of these is for lower back support. They keep your lower back steady to prevent sudden, dangerous jerks when lifting heavy weights. These are mainly used when performing squats, however, some lifters like to use one for every exercise.
  • Lifting Gloves. There are two main purposes when using gloves; one is to provide better hand grip and lessen pain on the hands. Olympic style barbells typically have small grips on them. These can sting your hands deep into a workout, so the gloves provide a gentle and nice cushion for your hands, preventing this stinging.
  • Lifting Straps. These are used to lessen the need for a strong grip when lifting. This is useful when your grip may be the factor holding back your lifts. The straps tie from your wrists to the bar in order to take pressure off of your hands and place it on your wrists instead.
  • MP3 Players. Working out in a public gym can get overwhelming with the amount of noise. Often times you’ll want to play your own music that you workout best too. Music is a great motivator and having your custom music can help you get those last few reps complete.
  • Personal Mixers. These come in handy as they are small blenders that run on batteries and mix your shakes as well as a normal blender. The advantage to these is you can take them on the go and drinks come out better than shaking or stirring.
  • Wrist Wraps. That are used to keep your wrists steady and secured when lifting weights. They act similar in aiding the wrists as a lifting belt aids the back. They help keep your wrists in place, lessen wrist pain and decrease the chance of injury. They are more comfortable and allow you to do more reps.

Some other accessories you might want to look into but are not as necessary as the ones above are listed below:

  • Bench Press Shirt
  • Body Fat Testers
  • Head Harness
  • Heart Rate Monitors
  • Knee Wraps
  • Manta/Sting Ray
  • Mats
  • Swiss Ball
  • Dipping Belt
  • Gym Bag
  • Hand Grippers
  • Towel
  • Water Bottle