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Gentlemans Beard Club pillsTake Your Beard To New Lengths!

So you want a beard, huh?  Not everybody can handle it.  Take a look around, one in three of you will fail. Not because you can’t, but because you don’t want it enough.  So, do you really want it?  If so, then you’re welcome to join the legendary Gentlemans Beard Club.  This beard club is all about growing a heavy duty face warmer that is thicker, shinier, and less itchy.  It’s about growing the best beard when you need a beard the most.  It’s about being the best man you can be.  And with their new Extra Strength Facial Hair Growth Formula, it’s easier than ever.

Bad beards are a dime a dozen.  Next time you walk down the street, just take a look.  There’s your neckbeards, goatees, dirty mustaches, and the worst of them all, the thin, patchy beard.  But for some of us, we dont’ really have a choice.  That’s why Gentlemans Beard Club is so great.  It helps men with trouble growing a full beard the power to amplify their facial hair growth.  That starts with thicker, faster growing facial hair, and a reduction in grayness and thin spots.  Add to that a healthy dose of nourishing ingredients, and your beard will be less itchy, and much more stroke-able.  Ready to get your beard growing strong?  Click the button below to order your trial bottle of Gentleman’s Beard Club today!

How Does Gentlemans Beard Club Formula Work?

The secret to Gentlemans Beard Club is no secret.  They’re using a dietary supplement approach that gives men a set of ingredients that are thought to improve beard growth, health, and strength.  The formula includes a heaping dose of Vitamin A, Biotin, and Vitamin E, as well as Niacin.  These combine to help improve hair growth, hair quality, and even helps to slow aging and graying of your facial hair.  On top of that, you also get a decrease in the amount of clogged pores, for an increase in the natural softness of your facial hair.  The overall effect, a fresh, manly beard is irresistible to women.  It’s proven

Gentlemans Beard Club Benefits:

  • Safe, Effective, Natural
  • Increase Beard Growth
  • Improve Facial Hair Strength
  • Reduce Hair Graying
  • New Trial Offer

Gentlemans Beard Club Facial Hair Growth Formula

The formula for Gentlemans Beard Club includes the ingredients we mentioned above.  But we wanted to talk a little bit about the delivery system.  We’ve all heard of beard balms and conditioners.  But those have pretty limited efficacy, especially since a big reason a lot of us can’t grow beards is dietary or hereditary.  By supplementing the diet, you’re more likely to get results than with a topical cream, balm or conditioner.  In addition, you really can’t beat how easy it is to use.

Gentlemans Beard Club Trial Program

The trial program for Gentleman’s Beard Club Facial Hair Growth Formula is second to none.  You get a bottle sent to you (if you qualify) for around $5 in shipping and handling charges.  After that, you’ll get a short trial to try out the formula before you start the auto ship program.  It’s a great program, and one we think a lot of people are really going to like and take advantage of.  So, what do you say?  Are you ready to start growing the best beard you can?  Click the banner below to start your beard growth adventure (and don’t forget to pick up a flannel on your way).

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