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Today we’ll be looking at the new Extreme No2 Muscle Gain Formula.  This new supplement has grown extremely popular in the last few weeks, so we’re happy to finally take a look and see what the hype is all about.  Billing itself as an nitric oxide booster/muscle gain supplement, it’s bitten off quite a bit.  So, does it work?  In our review, we’ll answer that question, plus talk about the ingredients that make it possible.  After that, we’ll be talking about user reviews, benefits, and discuss the new trial program.  (Plus we’ll give you access, if you want to try it.)

Extreme No2 goes beyond the suspected singular focus on nitric oxide production, and moves more into hybrid territory.  The first indication of that is their focus on labeling the product a “Muscle Gain Formula”.   So, what does that mean exactly?  Basically they’re advertising the secondary effects of some of the included amino acids.  L-Arginine, which usually plays second fiddle to L-Citrulline in No2 supplements, gets a bigger focus.  That focus in turn gives better overall muscle production.  But does it take away from No2 production?  Definitely not.  In fact, Extreme No2 has had much more success than some of our favorite dedicated No2 boosters.  We’ll talk about how, below.  But if you want to get your trial bottle now, click the button below.

How Does Extreme No2 Work?

Extreme No2 works via a unique combination of effective amino acids.  Those amino acids, which include muscle and No2 favorites L-Citrulline and L-Arginine, have a long history of performance enhancing results.  That’s not just hot air, either.  Studies like the one here show that L-Citrulline can indeed help people increase their performance.  While studies like the one here show that L-Arginine can help increase production of growth hormone.  Combining the two, Extreme No2 works to give both solid increases in No2 production and muscle growth.

Extreme No2 Booster Benefits:

  • Great For Daily Use
  • No Stack Necessary
  • Extreme No2 Boosts
  • Increase Muscle Growth
  • Natural, Safe, Effective 

Extreme No2 Reviews

Reviews for Extreme No2 have been readily available.  But discerning whether or not those reviews are real user reviews, or marketing fluff has been somewhat difficult.  That’s because even the legitimate reviews we’ve seen have been positive to the point of seeming to be paid for.  But that positive nature has been reflective of the properties of the product, which by all means has been extraordinary.  The only real point of contention has been the trial program.  There are plenty of people that like it, us included.  Details on it below!

Extreme No2 Trial Information

Interested in trying out the new Extreme No2 trial?  Or maybe you’re just interested in getting a trial bottle for cheap?  Either way, you’re in the right place.  You can access the limited-time trial by clicking the banner at the bottom of the screen.  The trial is pretty simple.  They send you a trial bottle to try on for size, then if you like it, they’ll continue sending it every month until you cancel.  Before you sign up, be sure to read the full trial information on the next page.  You can access it now by clicking the banner below.  But if you want a nice stacking option, try Extreme No2 and Ultimate Testo Explosion.  These two are a great combination that increase the already formidable strength of Xtreme No2.  Click the links to try them both out today!

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