Best Cooldown Tactics

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 We’ve been on the hunt for the last year looking for the Best Cooldown Tactics out there.  Today we’re going to share the ones that we’ve had the best luck with.  Here’s how we decided on our favorite cool-down exercises and activities.  We picked three criteria that we needed to hit in order for the tactics to make the list.  One, they need to be effective.  Cooldown exercises are recommended for increasing flexibility, helping with muscle recovery,  and helping to fight after-workout soreness.  In order for a cool-down to make our list, it needs to at least cover two of these.  The second necessary criteria is accessibility.  We don’t want to buy expensive equipment for cool-downs.  Nor do we want to have to master yoga to do them.  We want accessible products, routines and equipment.  The third and last criteria is time.

Most of us hardly have time for to workout for a full hour, let alone cool down for an hour!

Most sports medicine professionals recommend outlandish cool down routines that can take upwards of an hour.  Most of us hardly have time to workout for a full hour, let alone cool down for an hour!  So we want ways to cool-down from our hard-earned workouts in a relatively short amount of time, or at least balanced with the length of the workout.  When a  cooldown meets, or exceeds at least two of the criteria on this list, it gets a spot.  Let’s get started with our list of the Best Cooldown Tactics!

 Best Cooldown Tactics: Stretching

Best Cooldown Tactics

This guy knows what’s up.

Everyone knows to stretch before workouts, but did you know that stretching after a workout can be even more beneficial?  By stretching after you workout, you’re taking advantage of your increased post-workout flexibility and stretching out trouble areas like hamstrings that are way more painful to stretch later.  The big bonus of stretching as a cooldown, however, is that it speeds muscle recovery and limits next day soreness.  So if you’ve had a big day at the gym lifting, then it’s all the more important to stretch after your workout.  Unless, you know, you like walking around like a penguin.

Best Cooldown Tactics:  Massage

Best Cooldown Tactics

Your Calf Kneads Attention

Yeah yeah, we know, we said that these options can’t be expensive.  But do massages really have to be expensive?  In our experience it’s pretty easy to get a fairly inexpensive massage.  Large gyms usually offer discounted massage prices, but where you’re really going to find some low prices, is craigslist.  If you’re not that adventurous, bargain for post workout massages with your SO.  The benefits of cooldown massages are pretty huge, they dramatically diminish recovery times, and help to alleviate next day pain.


Best Cooldown Tactics: Agua!

Best Cooldown Tactics

Drink that water!

After a hard workout it’s easy to get home, eat a burrito, drink something sugary and take a nap.  But when you don’t provide yourself with enough hydration, you’re doing your muscles a HUGE disservice.  Not only does dehydration make you more prone to cramping, but your muscle recovery and building will take a hit as well.  That’s not even mentioning that post-workout dehydration can make your soreness exponentially worse.  



Cooldown Benefits:

  • Faster Muscle Recovery
  • Better Workout Results
  • Less Cramping
  • Less Soreness
  • Get A Massage!

Best Cooldown Tactics:  Breakdown

Basically, whatever you do, you need to do a cool-down period.  If you’re going to walk away from this article doing one thing, it needs to be proper hydration during your cooldown.  You just expended a huge amount of energy and sweated out a ton of water!  Honestly though, you should be stretching, and if you’re really trying to do right by your body, then you should be getting massages as well.  Thanks for reading Best Cooldown Tactics, and check back often for more news, reviews, breakdowns and even a few exclusive offers here at muscle building review!