Things Stopping You From Building Muscle

Are You Doing All The Right Things?

There is so much that can go into the way we gain muscle, however, there are certain things that you don’t realize are stopping you from building that muscle. There is so much more that goes into building those muscles than actually building them. It comes down to the way you eat, or what you do to recover or how much sleep you need to be getting. If you’re not seeing the progress in your workouts and in your fitness goals then maybe you’re following these wrongful ways of stopping you from building muscle.

So first of all, it might be important to figure out exactly what are muscles are and how they form when we exercise them. A muscle is a band or bundle of fibrous tissue in a human or animal body that has the ability to contract, producing movement in or maintaining the position of part of the body. During exercise, muscles are capable of burning multiple fuels during exercise, including glucose, fatty acids, and amino acids. The type of fuel that is burned for energy depends on the intensity and duration of exercise being performed. And there are several things that could be stopping you from building that muscle!

What Is Stopping Me From Building Muscle?

Because muscle is the largest tissue in your body, and is extremely malleable because it responds to the type, duration and intensity of exercise that you perform. Therefore, there are many reasons what is stopping you from building muscle! Below is a list of possible reasons and after reading, it would be important to thoroughly analyze your workouts to make sure you’re doing things the proper way for ultimate muscle growth.

  1. Burning Muscle, Not Building It. If you’re performing too many reps during your workout, you could be potentially burning through your muscle instead of building it. This mean that those muscles are being used for energy and working out with no fuel also mans muscle is being used a fuel. You can fight both of these by shortening both the duration and frequency of your training sessions, but upping your intensity. Make sure to have a pre-workout meal about an hour before you train, so you’re body has something to burn off during your workout.
  2. The Fear. Many men who are skinny are afraid of getting fat, therefore they balance out their weight training with cardio. Now cardio is very important to your health as well, but don’t let it hold you back from weight lifting. It’s simple enough, if you eat a lot along with lifting a lot, you’ll soon because successful.
  3. Not Enough Variation. Switch up your reps, sets, and tempo of your lifts and especially in the weight your lifting. On a weekly basis, you should be adding weight to each lift to prevent plateaus in your fitness. It’s important to change things up week after week, this will help you to reach your ultimate fitness goals.
  4. Not Eating Enough Food. You need to eating a lot if you’re looking to put on muscle. You’re body burns through so much when you exercise it, so you want it to have something to burn off instead of the muscle in your body. Make sure to consume at least one gram of protein per body weight, lots of quality carbs and yes, even lots of fat.
  5. You’re In The Gym Too Much. You probably thought that this would never be possible, but if you’re having a hard time putting on the lean muscle mass, you have to resist going to the gym. Your body needs that time to recover and prepare itself for the next workout.
  6. Consuming Too Many Shakes & Not Much Food. If you have the time, try and eat something. Especially if it’s right before a workout. Remember your body needs something to burn off during your exercises, so it doesn’t resort to the muscle you’ve already built up in your body. And don’t get me wrong, shakes are great if you’re on the go and need something to hold you down until your workout.
  7. Stopping Yourself Short On Reps. Try pushing yourself to go a little big further in reps than you did the last time, Getting to that rep count with ease and then stopping isn’t going to help you build that muscle.