Testogen-XR Nitric Oxide Booster

Testogen XRUltimate Testosterone & Nitric Oxide Booster!

Ronnie Cole’s Testogen XR is said to be the world’s first concentrated testosterone and nitric oxide boosters out on the market right now! Are you over the age of 50 and looking to gain muscle? Do you have hard time doing so because of low testosterone levels? This supplement has been designed specifically to boost those natural testosterone levels of yours and improve the blood flow resulting in crazy pumps and intense training sessions. This supplement is made with the likes of naturally made ingredients that have been studied and proven to help improve your mental and physical performance!

As we men age, our bodies go through the process of declining testosterone production. This is common amongst millions of men, but some may have to go through with more severity. Either way the symptoms are all the same ranging from low sex drive, slow metabolism, lack of energy, not able to put on muscle, and so much more. For a lot of men, these signs and symptoms can come as early as the age of 30 years old. With Testogen XR it’ll help to support your bodies overall health by improving the lean body mass and fat reduction, amplifying male libido and performance and naturally boosting your testosterone levels. Don’t miss out on this opportunity now and order yours today.

What Is Testogen XR?

Testosterone is what makes a man, right? So you should never go through the experience of low testosterone levels. By using Testogen XR you’re getting a blend of naturally produced ingredients that are well known in the muscle building and testosterone boosting world. These ingredients include, D-Aspartic Acid. This is an endongenous amino acid which has been found in the nervous and endocrine tissues of both animals and humans. Clinical trials resulted in an increase in luteinizing hormone by 33%. Agmatine is another endogenous neuromodulator that has been shown to inhibit neuronal nitric oxide synthase. It basically prevents your body from breaking down nitric oxide resulting in better blood flow. Horny Goat Weed is a plant based ingredient that is time tested aphrodisiac from ancient Chinese medicine that increase libido.

AstraGin is a natural compound composed of highly fractionated Astagalus and Panz Notoginseng. It works to significantly improve the absorption of critical nutrients including amino acids absorption. Nettles Root helps to suppress estrogen levels which can lead to BPH and lowered testosterone levels. It inhibits the production on an enzyme called aromatase. Lastly, L-Carnitine Tartrate is a natural substance that contributes to normal functioning of metabolism, which can help improve vitality, may prevent heart problems and can increase the rate at which fat is burned.

How Does Testogen XR Work?

There was a recent study done on 23 healthy males between the ages of 27 and 37. One of the groups of men was administered 3120mg of D-AA, while a control group was given a placebo over 12 days. The group given the D-AA had an average raise in testosterone of 42% as well as a 33% raise in LH levels compared to the placebo group. The results you’ll get out of using this supplement include, a natural boost in your testosterone levels, extended pumps during your long lasting workouts and as well as the strength to last longer in those workouts!

Benefits Of Using Testogen XR:

  • Boosts Natural Testosterone!
  • Amplifies Male Libido!
  • Improves Overall Performance!
  • Helps Support Lean Body Mass!
  • Reduces Fat Production!

Are You Ready To Start Using Testogen XR?

All-in-all, this supplement is great for boosting the overall male performance and by doing so your levels of testosterone will experience a major increase. This will results in more muscle gains, better strength and the urge to workout longer in the gym! Experience it for yourself and get your hands on this supplement now.