What Is Hindering Your Fitness?

Hindering Your FitnessHabits That Could Be Affecting Your Fitness!

Are you aware the some of your daily habits could be hindering your fitness goals? Many people often find themselves in some sort of contradiction with their fitness, but can’t figure out what is really affecting their journey to reaching their goals. When it comes to creating that sustainable and healthy lifestyle, your habits can seriously make or break you. Making sure to set yourself good habits as a way part of your health routine. Keep reading on to find out what you could be possibly doing in your daily life that is affecting your fitness goals.

If you feel like you’re getting no where in your workouts then you could possibly be doing some of the daily habits that are listed below. These can be detrimental exercise habits many individuals get trapped in, however, there are ways to improve your workouts. In this article, I’ll go over what could possibly be hindering your fitness. With these tips you can re-evaluate your lifestyle and how you workout, so that you can reach your ultimate fitness goals!

So What Is Hindering Your Fitness?

There are common fitness habits that could be hindering your fitness goals that fitness trainer Jillian Michael’s recently wrote about that you might want to consider.

  • Avoiding Exercise Due To Sore Muscles – Recent research has lead to find that exercise using light resistance actually provides acute relief to that of a massage.
  • Ignoring Severe Pain – Ignoring messages transmitted through sharp pains is not to be recommended either. Pushing through your pain can result in hard-to-heal injuries.
  • Staying Within Your Comfort Zone – Your body will quickly adapt and plateau if you don’t put variety or challenge yourself. As soon as an exercise becomes easy to complete, you need to increase the intensity and/or try another exercise to keep challenging yourself.
  • Machine Hopping – Jumping from one machine to another automatically prevents your body from adapting to any particular routine. On the other hand, you need to develop a sound strength base before you can build on it.
  • Avoiding Strength Training – This has significant health benefits that have nothing to do with “bulking up”. As an example, weight bearing exercises, like resistance or strength training, can go a long way to prevent brittle bone formation, and can help reverse the damage already done.

There are two other common mistakes that many individuals make when it comes to their fitness habits, skipping on warm ups and stretching. You can easily get away without doing a warm up, however, you are allowing yourself to be more prone to injury during high-intensity training. Warm ups are meant to increase your body temperature enough to cause sweating.

When it comes to stretching there’s a general rule that it is not critical to stretch before a workout and possibly in some cases may even contradict that. It has been found that passive static stretching prior to lifting weights can actually make you feel weaker and less stable during a workout. Consider stretching after your workouts when your muscles are nice and warm.