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Myprotein Whey ReviewFast Absorbing Whey Protein!

There’s a common trouble with protein powders.  They take FOREVER to digest.  That means that all the other food you’re eating and the protein powder combine to give you an uncomfortable bathroom experience.  So  what’s the solution?  Undenatured Whey Protein.  Myprotein Whey, the whey protein supplement we’re reviewing today, used that undenatured whey protein to give you a whopping 25 grams per serving, and that’s not even mentioning the gret BCAA’s and EAA’s you’re getting with it.  If you’re looking for a rock solid protein powder that’s fast absorbing, then definitely check this one out!  Click the image above to get yours today!

Myprotein Whey is a favorite for many reasons, but the one that stuck out to us the most was the fast absorption rate.  As we discussed briefly above, protein powders can be downright painful when it comes time to go, so when we heard of a faster digesting protein powder, we were skeptical, but optimistic.  Turns out that our skepticism was unwarranted.  The protein powder regularly digested quickly and easily, without the constipation effects of other products.  So that made us wonder whether or not we were actually getting the protein content they were promising.  The gains we got at the gym spoke for themselves on that end.  If you want to see for yourself how you can get those same results, click the link below to get started NOW!

How Does Myprotein Whey Work?

In the past we would say if you’ve used one whey protein, you’ve used them all.  But that’s really no longer the case.  A ton of whey proteins contain extra ingredients that can either provide a ton of extra carbohydrates, or give you a bunch of herbal extracts designed to give you more pump, or more testosterone.  Or, sometimes they hide the actual amount of whey protein behind a “proprietary” blend label, which makes it harder to tell whether or not it’s going to absorb quickly, or at all.  Myprotein Whey is one of the few, new whey proteins that delivers on their promises of digestible protein without the frills.  Details on their formula below!

Myprotein Whey Reviews

In the various flavors of the supplement you get slight alterations in ingredients, but mostly just in the flavoring and coloring.  In the vanilla flavor we’ve linked the Whey Protein Concentrate makes up 96% of the formula, with soy lecithin, flavoring and sweetener filling out the remainder. It’s touted as a fast absorbing protein, which means it won’t be clogging up your stomach like other protein powders.  Additionally, it’s phenomenal for those of you that are working out hard.  It provides a full complement of essential, branched chain amino acids and the protein you need to get your muscles performing at a high level!  

Myprotein Whey Benefits

  • Great For Weightlifters
  • Easy To Use
  • Build Lean Muscle
  • No Frills Whey Protein
  • Great Tasting Formula

How To Use Myprotein Whey

You’ll be using Myprotein Whey Protein much like any other protein powder.  First, grab your favorite shaker, then add water or milk.  Myprotein recommends that you use the powder 2-3 times per day.  But use your judgement on how often you need to take it, depending on your current workout intensity.  If you’re trying to put on muscle mass, definitely err on the high side.  It’s best used in conjunction with an already healthy diet and exercise plan, so keep that in mind if you want to get the best results!

Myprotein Whey Best Price

The best possible price we’ve been able to locate is on amazon.  There we’ve found that you can not only find the best prices on supplements, but also that you’ll get the advantages of ordering through them, like prime shipping, reviews and prices comparisons.  We HIGHLY recommend this protein supp, so if you’re looking for a good one, you’ve found it.  Click the link below to check prices!

Myprotein Whey Supplement