Tower Of Muscle Foods

Tower Of Muscle FoodsTry Out These New Foods!

Men’s Health not too long ago developed a Tower Of Muscle Foods. This is a list of foods that are great for those who are looking to still build muscle, but are tired of their typical boneless skinless chicken breast. For years, scientists have been studying and researching a variety of foods to see what benefits they can provide people and which ones can be detrimental to your fitness goals! Keep reading on to find out what these specific foods to replace your boring muscle building foods!

So when you think of building muscle you probably think of your boring protein meats, such as chicken, turkey, and beef. You might even think about the carbohydrates that you need to consume before each workout as well. However, this Tower Of Muscle Foods found a group of foods that can benefit you on your wayt to putting on lean muscle mass. This might also help those who are picky with the basic foods choices or who in general are looking to change up their meals a bit.

What Is The Tower Of Muscle Foods?

As already mentioned, this small group of foods was compiled by Men’s Health to help those who are looking to keep putting on muscle gains, but being able to change up their meals. Because we all know how boring some chicken and broccoli can be after a few days. Read below to get a list of natural foods from the Tower Of Muscle Foods to help with your fitness goals.

  1. Bok Choy -This has less than half the calories and carbohydrates of its cruciferous cousin, broccoli. It is recommended to eat it by separating it the leaves, washing it, and drying the leaves one head. Heat a tablespoon of olive oil on medium high. Saute the leaves with a thinly sliced garlic clove about 5 minutes.
  2. Shrimp – Three ounces – about 12 large shrimp – has almost 18 g of protein.
  3. Persimmon – This is a sweet Asian fruit that has a better source of Vitamin C than your average apple. The most common of these fruits are often a deep orange and should be very soft when ripe.
  4. Oysters, Clams & Mussels – Three ounces of oyster will net you 11g of protein, while the same amount of clams or mussels has nearly double that.
  5. Quinoa – This is a South American grain as rice with a turbocharger. It has more protein than any other grain (22g per cup).
  6. Goat – Pound for pound, goat has less than half the calories of porterhouse streak, and a few more grams of protein. This food is great barbecued kebab-style, finished with a squeeze of lemon and some chopped rosemary.
  7. CousCous – Pasta is not the only energy food. Couscous is easy to cook and all you need is a microwave, water and about 2 minutes of your time.
  8. Sloppy Joes – Beef has a higher creatine content than any other food. Dodging fatty toppings will save you nearly 20 g fat.
  9. Portobello Mushrooms – These are great way to serve stuff, just fill the cap with some diced chicken, pour in tomato sauce and bake it for 10 min. One cap is about 1.5g of fiber and 2g protein.
  10. Buckwheat – This is said to have more disease fighting antioxidants than oats, barley, or wheat germ.
  11. Prunes – These have high levels of antioxidants, and damaging oxidative stress is often a result of heavy exercise. These will help your body to recover faster.
  12. Fried Chicken – Yes, we know you’re trying to avoid chicken for awhile, but try cooking it in new ways. Dip the breasts in a beaten egg and roll it in a mixture of crushed cornflakes, salt, pepper, and poultry seasoning. Bake at 350 degrees for 20 min.
  13. Edam Cheese – This is a Dutch cheese that is semi-firm and has more protein, fewer calories and a richer and nuttier flavor.
  14. Baked Beans – A half of a cup serves up 6 grams of protein and filling dietary fiber. Avoid extra saturated fat by choosing vegetarian baked beans.