Rich Piana Kill It

Rich Piana Kill ItNEW: Kill It At The Gym With Rich Piana!

Are you ready to straight-up kill it?  With Rich Piana Kill It, you can.  This all-in-one pre-training drink is able to give users an enhanced capacity for training, endurance, strength, and muscle recovery.  It uses ingredients like; Agmatine Sulfate, Citrulline Malate, L-Norvalline, B-3, Creatinol-O-Phosphate, Beta Alanine, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, Magnesium Cratine Chelate, Coconut Water Concentrate and Caffeine, to give you all the tools you need to conquer your PR’s.  While their marketing can be a bit much for some, it’s hard to argue with those ingredients, and even harder to argue with the results.  To see what kind of results you can expect, click the image above!

When we saw the marketing material for Rich Piana Kill It, we were honestly expecting a lesser product.  That tends to happen with products that have an over the top marketing design.  But instead of covering for a lack luster product, we instead got a product that made the marketing look good.  The ingredients are spot on, and it doesn’t fall into the trap of loading up on the caffeine.  We think this one is a clear winner in the multi-purpose supplement category, and one we definitely encourage everybody to check out.  Do so now by clicking the link below!

How Does Rich Piana Kill It Work?

There’s a lot to talk about here, because Rich Piana Kill It has absolutely PACKED their supplement with highly active ingredients designed for high impact results.  We’ll now cover them in order!  The first ingredient, Agmatine Sulfate, is touted as a hardcore Nitric Oxide booster.  The next ingredient, Citrulline Malate, is used to further bolster the Nitric Oxide Boosting effects of Agmatine, and when combined with the third ingredient, L-Norvalline, you get a HUGE boost.  Next up, Niacin.  Niacin is a go to for muscle heads because it helps to further increase blood flow.  But it doesn’t use too much, which is great news.  Next, Copmax, which is specifically tailored to get better recovery metrics.  Carnosyn is up next, and helps muscles to fight lactic acid buildup.

Rich Piana Kill It Reviews

We’ve seen a ton of positives reviews for Rich Piana Kill It, and that ranges from friends, to all corners of the internet. As for Amazon Reviews, right now it comes in at a pretty unbelievable 4.5/5 stars with 55 reviews.  Reviewers point to a good mix of ingredients, with the perfect amount of caffeine for getting amped.  As with any supplement with caffeine, though, it will have some people complaining about the jitters.  But for Rich Piana Kill It, we didn’t see nearly as many as with others.

Rich Piana Kill It Benefits:

  • Great Multi-Purpose Pre Workout
  • Phenomenal Highly Active Ingredients   
  • Support Muscle Performance
  • Decrease Recovery Time
  • Great New Company

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Ready to start killing it at the gym?  Click the banner below to start shopping Rich Piana products on amazon.  We’ve went ahead and linked to the product we reviewed, Rich Piana Kill It, and to the best price we could find.  It also has plenty of reviews for you to check out, so make sure to do that before you buy!  Hope you enjoyed the review, make sure to stop back here at Muscle Building Review for the latest in muscle!

Rich Piana Kill It Review