Winter Weight Training

Winter Weight TrainingPrepare For Your Summer Body!

Winter Weight Training can be highly important for your physical physique. This specific training regimen can get your body ready for those amazing summer months! During the harsh winter months, we see a lot of extremely cold days, snow, and hardly any sun! This type of weather can make us feel lethargic and just not wanting to do anything! However, this is the time of year when eating as much as you can is okay and will allow you to burn off that food in bulking up at the gym! In this article you’ll discover tips to helping you build your physique during the winter for the summer!

As I already mentioned, its harder to get ourselves to workout and be inspired because of the cold weather and gloomy atmosphere that we are surrounded with almost day to day. However, this is the perfect time of the year to workout and build up the physique! Most likely you’ll gain some pounds over the holidays and this allows you to turn that food into energy for your workouts! The first of year is a cliche reason to get the body you want, but it really is a great time to start getting yourself ready for summer! Read the tips below on winter weight training to build up your body!

What Are Some Winter Weight Training Tips?

Don’t let yourself get discouraged by the cold winter months, its easy to want to stay inside and not get out. But like I keep saying winter weight training is more effective for achieving that body you’ve been wanting and having it summer ready in no time! Below is a list of tips that can help you achieve your weight goals!

  1. Short and Explosive Workouts.
    • Keep your weight lifting workouts intense and explosive. This is the key to building muscle fast and how to keep them growing. More exercises and reps in a shorter amount of time.
  2. Find a Gym Partner.
    • Try and find someone to hit they gym with you. Even better find someone who may have similar fitness goals as you. By finding a gym partner, you can motivate each other to get yourself in the gym during those brutal winter months.
  3. Wrap Up Your Body!
    • Dress up in layers and use a moisture wicking material closest to your skin. Wear long sleeves and pants on top of your under garments. Then top it off with waterproof shell. Now this doesn’t need to be done if you plan on working out in a gym, but if you plan on doing a workout outside this is highly recommended and quite important.
  4. Drink.
    • Staying hydrated is always important. When its cold out, you’re less likely to notice that you’re dehydrated when its cold. Take extra care to drink fluids before and after working out.
  5. Cardio.
    • Cardio can be best done during the winter, however, be aware of ice patches on sidewalks and roads. Try your best to stick to sidewalks as people are most likely to take care of their sidewalks compared to the roads. Again, if you’re going to run outside try and avoid the snow, you can run indoor on a treadmill if necessary.
  6. Create a Summary Surrounding.
    • It can get boring doing workouts at home and can often make you feel unmotivated. Try and get creative and give your home the feeling of summer with summer themed decorations. This can help motivate yourself to workout more.
  7. Maintain A Good Diet.
    • It is essential that you keep up with a healthy diet as the flu virus tends to effect those more often during these winter months. When you struggle with the flu, you lose out on those essential vitamins that your body needs. People also tend to lose weight when they are sick as well. If you do have some sort of illness, try and get to the gym to work out that illness.