Other Ways To Gain Muscle Besides Lifting

Other Ways To Gain MuscleWhat Physical Activities Work Best?

Are you looking to switch up your regular weight lifting routine? Or are you just wanting to try something new instead of lifting weights? There are several of other ways to gain muscle besides just general weight lifting. For many people, they typically get tired of their boring gym routine, or love to be outside when they workout! In this article, we’ll discuss what are some great activities to help build muscle mass and have you feeling more satisfied with the way you feel about yourself! Keep reading on to learn more!

Don’t get me wrong, lifting weights can be an exhilarating and satisfying feeling. You just overall feel great about yourself! However, there are those times where you just feel like you need to change it up a bit, but don’t want to feel like you’re missing out on putting on the lean muscle mass. Fortunately, for those who are still looking to keep their lean muscle there are other ways to gain muscle besides lifting! It’s important to also know, that switching up your workout routines is more beneficial than you realize! This way you are challenging your body to gain muscle in a new way!

What Are Other Ways To Gain Muscle?

If you’re looking to gain and maintain your lean muscle mass, its important to weight train. Therefore, you’re going to get the best results. But at some point you’re going to come to the realization that you just need to switch up your routine. Plus, as I’ve already mentioned finding other ways to gain muscle will benefit you more than you realize. Below is a list of activities you might want to look into next time you don’t want to lift weights!

  1. Body Weight Training. Try and perform pushup variations. These help to build muscle size and strength in the chest, shoulders, and triceps. Afterwards, perform pullups to build up your back, forearms and biceps.
  2. Sports. Trying out different sports is a great way to get your muscle and body going. Try sports such as, soccer, running, rock climbing, swimming and so much more. This way you’re getting the excitement out of trying something new and maintaining your muscle mass as well!
  3. Join A Dance Class. Now I know you’re thinking that this would be the last option for you, but joining a dance class is probably one of the best ways to gain muscle. You’re constantly moving and using muscles you wouldn’t normally use when you lift weights. Plus, you’re also getting a great cardio workout as well!
  4. Yoga. Again, you’re probably wondering how this correlates with putting on muscle mass or maintaining it but the chances are that you will gain more than you realize because you’re working different muscle groups. It also very relaxing and rewarding for you as well.
  5. Pilates. This is also similar to yoga and it really engages the different muscles of the body.