Meal Replacement Powder

Meal Replacement Powder Build Muscle, Burn Fat

Meal Replacement Powder is hit or miss, mostly miss.  Powders either taste like crap, have a crappy texture, or are loaded with so much sugar you choke on it.  Not this one.  After years of searching for the perfect meal replacement shake, we at the Muscle Building Review have finally found it.  Lean Body Hi Protein Meal Replacement Shake Powder by the nutrition and body building pros at Labrada Nutrition is the best tasting, most complete Meal Replacement Powder on the market today, and, perhaps best of all, it’s low cost, so you can get great results at a budget price. 

Meal Replacement Powder can be expensive, but at 16 servings per container, you’re getting a huge bang for your buck.  By stimulating muscle growth, this protein powder helps you to use your body to naturally burn more calories, and, because you’re not eating fatty or carb heavy foods, you’ll be getting stronger, faster, leaner, and definitely more healthy.  We say healthy because Lean Body features a ton of essential vitamins and minerals in every serving.  What meal can you eat for under 290 calories that has 35% of your vitamin A, 60% of your calcium, 35% of your Vitamin D, and 60% of your daily Iron?  And that’s just mentioning a few.  If you’re really ready to be impressed, this Meal Replacement Powder from Labrada has a whopping 35g of protein per serving.  35g! That’s insane!

How Does Meal Replacement Powder Work?

We’re all waiting for the magic pill that replaces our meal and makes us feel full and healthy, but until that day comes, Meal Replacement Powder will be the next best thing.  The idea is this; you can eat a meal containing all the nutrients and protein contained in this replacement, but the calories would be astronomical.  So for people that are concerned about their weight, but want to build muscle, burn fat, and get all of the essential and natural vitamins and minerals they would normally get, the use something like this.  But because most products like this taste like crap, they often cheat, and ultimately abandon their plans and end up keeping, or even adding to their weight problems.  The success of this supplement by Labrada lies in its ability to supply these key vitamins and minerals, while tasting great, and still making the user feel full (really important!) 

How To Use Meal Replacement Powder

Most Meal Replacement Powders can only be used to, well, replace meals.  The key difference between Labrada’s lean body mix, (other than the taste issue discussed above,) is that it can, and should be used before and after workouts.  That’s because the recipe includes a variety of  nitrogen promoting amino acid.  These crucial amino acids provide the user with key nutritional support that helps prevent the breakdown of active muscles.  After workouts, it helps the muscles to repair, grow and even replenishes stores of vital fuels like glycogen.  But don’t forget, it can also be used as a meal replacement powder.  Take the recommended serving for your late evening meal and you’ll be giving your body a huge supply of muscle building fuel for its nightly repair cycle.  

Meal Replacement Powder Benefits:

  • Build Muscle, Burn Fat!
  • Get Stronger, Faster
  • Recover From Workouts Faster
  • Get Leaner Muscle
  • Tastes Better Than Competitors

How To Order Meal Replacement Powder By Labrada

We’ve found the lowest prices to be on amazon, so just follow any of the links on this page and it will take you to the page with the lowest available price.  Don’t forget, it’s a good idea to buy a Protein Shaker while you’re at it for a great, on the go Meal Replacement solution.  


Meal Replacement Powder